On Behalf of Fundación 4 and The Puerto Rican Society of Saint Louis

We are asking for your support through direct means or networking assistance to interested parties to donate to Yadier Molina's non-profit Fundación 4 (Foundation 4) in the form of tables reserved for our Flavors of Puerto Rico event on May 23rd. (Please see attachment for pricing and details)

Fundación 4 is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity founded by Yadier and his wife Wanda Torres in 2010. The name “Fundación 4” is in representation of Yadi’s #4 uniform number. Last year, Flavors of Puerto Rico raised $300,000 to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and this fundraiser along with others held in Puerto Rico got Yadier selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Roberto Clemente Award.

With a Cardinal's player at each table, this event is hosted by our very own Yadier Molina, all-star catcher of the St. Louis Cardinals and winner of the prestigious 2018 Roberto Clemente Award, and it is his second annual charity cocktail/dinner in his hometown of St. Louis to continue his ongoing efforts to create happier lives and futures for underprivileged Hispanic/Latino youth in Puerto Rico as well as in St. Louis.

ALL proceeds of this special fundraising event will help Latino children in need based on the following criteria: abuse, behavioral health, cancer services, college education and poverty in Puerto Rico as well as the city of St. Louis - The Puerto Rican Society of St. Louis, a non-profit foundation focused on education will be one of our special recipients in the Archway City.  

About the activity:

Flavors of Puerto Rico – Christmas in Paradise is set for Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the River City Casino & Hotel in St. Louis, and it will transport our guests into a multi-sensorial traditional Puerto Rican Jíbaro Christmas celebration appealing to the five senses: the Tastes of Puerto Rico, Aromas of Puerto Rico, Sights of Puerto Rico, the Sounds of Puerto Rico, and the hospitality of Puerto Rico. 

With a Cardinal's player at each table, guests will be treated to a full course meal and open bar.

The 2018 Roberto Clemente Award (formerly known as the Commissioner’s Award) is given by votes from baseball fans, members of the media and a Blue Ribbon Committee comprised by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for being the MLB player who best exemplified the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual contribution to his team.  

For further information about the proposal please feel free to contact Evelyn Guadalupe at (787) 379-2493 or evefajardo@aol.com and feel free to enter www.yadiermolina4.com for information about the Foundation 4.



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 Puerto Rican Society, Inc. 2019

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